Thursday, 10 July 2008

Returning to vintage fabric work...

I work up this morning feeling almost my usual self. I haven't got any pain from the gallbladder surgery any longer and can literally jump out of bed with loads of energy. I do have some side effects of not having a gallbladder - one of them being I am currently experiencing almost constant irregular heartbeats!! (we're trying to get to the bottom of that one - woe!) and evening nausea, but on the whole I am so glad I had the surgery. If you looked at the incision areas you wouldn't think I had surgery just two weeks ago as of's amazing what modern medicine can do :)

I have been busy getting our books up to par to visit ye olde taxman tomorrow. A lovely visit - lucky he's a nice man! My problem is always the same, year in, year out, BAS in, BAS out - I get behind on booking in new fabric. If you own a business you'll understand what I mean by booking in - you know, logging the item, giving it an item number, attributing cost, GST etc. For some reason, I hate doing this! The books are the last thing I would like to do with Retro Age :)

However, now that I am kind of up-to-date with the books it also means fabrics have been booked in and can be uploaded onto the website to be available for sale. So I have selected a small group of fabric (as pictured) that I shall work at getting up onto the website in the next day or two. We have a busy day tomorrow - the nongs that we are made a snap decision to have a garage sale on Saturday - an 8 degree day. Yes, that's right - 8 degrees. And as it's the morning it'll be way less than that. I'll be frozen. And not happy.

So when I've worked at shoving all of our left-over stuff out on the driveway and garage and Justin is happy we've got enough stuff to offer (seriously - where the heck do we fit it all??) I'll get at putting this gorgeous drapery fabrics ups. Amazing, aren't they? And I have yardage of everything - bulk is always good!

I've also popped up some ebay auctions tonight - just three, but they're all lovely fabrics. Bulk there, too - bargains, if you ask me. But I am biased. You can see the auctions are here.

If you want to view these fabrics when I finally get them onto the website you can view them here.


  1. oh, you had it removed!! I contacted you a while back and told yuo i had the same thing. Irregular heatbeat- i had that too, but they found out it was my Thyroid doing it. Another girlfriend of mine had the same thing- galbladder out and a dodgy thyroid - so you may be the same :) Glad you're feeling ok now though :)

  2. Yes, it is gone! Snipped and thrown away :) - I have been hearing in the last couple of days how common the ectopic heartbeat it, although haven't heard about the thyroid. Gosh - perhaps another dodgey part?? LOL...thanks for visiting the blog again, Bec!