Monday, 21 July 2008

Australian House and Garden 1974

As most of you know I am a huge fan of old retro mags. Love them. Can't walk away from one if I am lucky enough to come across one. These images (sorry for the flash glare!) are from Australian House and Garden, April 1974.

How cool is this lounge? So passe now :)

I am such a fan of this loungesuite - how uber cool is the colour? I can still imagine this in any room in 2008 - I absolutely LOVE that colour!

The divine Marimekko makes a splash on the front page with their Unikko design in green, yellow and black. Those were the days of the large indoor plants - I remember my Mum used to spray and wipe the leaves!

Danish goes rustic alright! Goes with the fab loungesuite above - love it, love it, love it!

Lots more to come - fab shots of chairs, rugs and great advertisements...until tomorrow, bye for now! Enjoy this little kitsch interlude...


  1. So cool.I have the corduroy (sp?) buttons from a striped lounge like that. Mum plucked the buttons from the lounge before they got rid of it and I think they're still floating about in a button box somewhere. I was born that year, so yes, have little person memories of those interiors, and Mum kept all her magz for years, so remember seeing the pics too. Those quilted bed covers, eeek. You'll still find interiors like those where I live. Seriously.

  2. I can imagine seeing the quilted bed covers still around, but it's beyond me why! For some reason they never really wash well :) - they get all pilly and horrid. We change our bedclothes to suit our moods - one week it's an old orange shaggy 1970s spread (that you could also get as bathmats etc), then the next one we may shove on a gold one - and now we have a gold 1950s eidergown with a basic white sweet.

    I was born in 1973 so I, too, have small person memories of the decade. Perhaps that's why I love the 60s and 70s so much - it might pluck at my heartstrings more than other decades...??

  3. third picture down- my parents home had that EXACT wallpaper!! We stripped it off about 5 years ago and I was so sad becuase I loved it!! I managed to keep a small square though.