Sunday, 20 July 2008

When life goes kerthud...

No joy.
Everything has gone black.
I am having trouble feeling.
One of my oldest friends is stuck in New York (she just got a job at an ad agency) and is just about to get a cab to get the airport to get a plane back to Paris (where she lives) for a biopsy on her throat.
The NY emergency department repeated one word over and over. Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. She needs to be urgently checked by a specialist. Tuesday is the day.

My life is on hold until Tuesday.

She is 32.

She is so wonderful.

She is one of my closest friends. The ones where your life wouldn't be so rich without them.

I am with you, mate. Take care sweetheart. Sending you all of the things most positive in the world for it to be just a virus. Yes, a shitty virus. A naughty virus.

My heart is so sad, so broken.

I'll be there on Tuesday :)

To those of you out there in blogland please give yourself, your kiddies, your husbands and wives, your Mums and Dads, your brothers and sisters, your friends one of the most heartfelt hugs you can find. Tell them you love them. Tell them they make your world. Remember to tell each other just how much your adore them...

I adore you, Sam.

And as I always say...

we'll be right

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