Tuesday, 1 July 2008

New vintage fabric ebay auctions and thinking of chickens...

I have just had some fun putting these fabrics on auction on ebay - my personal fave is the yellow with the faux rick rack border print. Wouldn't this make the best rockabilly skirt? You can view the auctions here.

Am looking for some chook advice, if anyone has any! We have decided to go the full hog with the backyard (although we are on a slightly larger than normal block, we have a lot of backyard) and built an enclosure and coop for around six chickens. We have the herb garden, have started on the huge vegie patch and now we want to get into the organic fertiliser/egg maker chicken thing. Justin has them as a boy for years and loved growing up with them and we feel it would be very beneficial for the boys...but what sort?? Any advice on chicken breeds or keeping chickens in general? We know not to get a rooster!

I am slowly feeling better and think I turned some type of corner today. That being said, I am not feeling as great in the stomach region as I would have thought. Fingers crossed it settles down in the coming weeks - I am hoping to be back to my old dark chocolate chomping self :)

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