Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A worldwide call - do you recognise this vintage fabric?

I'll get back to the Tessa and fab retro mags tomorrow - but for now, an important call to all you vintage fabric lovers right around the world.

I had a lovely lady contact me yesterday with the following wish:

"if you recognize the material in the curtains or the dress im wearing.

the picture was taken between early 60’s…I was born Dec 1957, and I think

im between 2-3 yrs old, and lived in Hutchinson, Kansas at the time….

thank you so much for responding… My mom has passed on, and I would really

like to get this fabric…."

Get your heads out of your fabric stashes and into your resource books - anyone is the USA recognise this fabric? I think you would make a lovely lady's day if you go...

Thanks for all of your responses to the Tessa post - I can't believe they still make furniture...and I agree with one of the comments - it's gorgeous! Back to all of this tomorrow...

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