Monday, 28 July 2008

Did you feel the earth move?

The earth moved for me so it must have for you - I finally got this stock up onto the website! It's a small miracle...seriously :) You can view them all here.

We are working on a number of little projects at the moment. The idea is to grow the business. Marketing speak, see. I'll never forget talking to a CEO of a university about their annual report I had just written...30,000 words, 89 pages...and all she could talk about was one line I wrote about cultivating the business. She didn't like that word. Not. One Bit. She knew what I was meaning but hated to think the Victorian Government would think she was erring towards horticulature and botanical courses.

Anyhoo, we have decided to focus on our creative skills as well as our business skills. That means doing things with vintage fabrics and other things collagey. I suppose move into the purchase/gift arena, not just the supply arena. Be more things to more people.

But that takes time and anyone that knows us knows we are fans of turtles. We have one pace. We're working on it all but it'll be launched when we're good and ready. Gosh - hopefully before 2009! Where the heck is 2008 going? I spotten Santa stuff in the supermarket the other day and audibly groaned...there goes taking the five year old to the supermarket for six months!


  1. Eek. A sharp intake of breath. You saw Christmas guff. Eek. No. It's. Too. Early.

  2. Can. You. Hear.

    First bars of Jingle Bells

    Do you remember:

    Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells
    Jingle all the way...
    Wonder Woman lost her bosom
    Flying TAA

    A 1970s family Christmas highlight for sure :)