Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Beautiful vintage cottons...and bricklayers...

I have around 12 vintage cotton fabrics photographed and waiting to be popped onto the website. The above one is a favourite out of this collection - I love trippy prints! Most of the fabrics came from the same estate, too - this woman had such a lovely eye for design!

The above pink one was still in it's original 1960s wrapping - it's a dress length cotton in wild pink and purple shades...

The above cotton is a cotton rayon, vintage 50s. It's got a lovely abstract, painterly pattern - I can soooo easily imagine a dress made with this fabric...

The above fabric is another cotton rayon, lovely and drapey and perfect for clothing. Vintage late 50s or early 60s.

Retro indienne 1970s cotton with a stripe design. Very kitsch!

THE favourite of this collection - the above fabric is a super rare 1950s amoeba cotton rayon. Magnificent!

The above cotton is a heavier cotton featuring an abstract diamond design. Quite a striking blue and purple colourway!

Pretty dot cotton in orange and greens - very sweet!

Lastly - retro psychedelic cotton with linen weave. Bright and uber cool!

I photographed others but just haven't blogged about them. Hopefully I'll get them into the shop either tomorrow or Friday. I have lots to do before the weekend - we're getting a skip to get rid of stuff (I have having a massive environment cleanse!) and a gardener is coming to clear the front of the house (it's horrid - you should see it!) - all of the garden beds and lawn etc - ready for a sustainable and water friendly rock and native garden. Next I need quotes off bricklayers to build a front fence (high as we can) and brick off one side of the garage - anyone know who expensive brickies are?? Are there any questions we should ask him/her to get the job done quickly and done well?

When the fabrics are available they will be here.


  1. I would so love to pick your brain. How have you come to know about the fabrics? How can I know whether I am cutting into tres rare or down and daggy crap? I bought a beautiful piece from the op shop and it's hanging on my line at the moment. The thing is it's a very thing piece - selvedge to selvedge is maybe 90cm. Not rare, I know, but I haven't seen such a thin piece for a while. I have maybe three metres. It looks gorgeous on the line. How can I even know what era? It's got a sheen, so some poly, or could it be silk? Not sure. I could burn a piece to find out. Looks like a screen print. Again, not sure.

  2. Feel free to pick my brain! It's there just ripe for the picking!

    I studied design for five years at uni and took an interest in studying textiles - and then I took a wayward turn and earned my crust writing television commercials and basically selling my soul. I have fifty gazillion textile books and read up about vintage fabrics daily - I suppose, at the end of the day - it's my way and I live it with lots of fabrics and lots of research!

    Send me a photo of the fabric if you want - I can usually tell decade by design and colourway etc - unfortunately the width doesn't necessarily mean vintage as lots of modern quilting cottons are that width. But give us a lookie and I'll see if I know anything - and any bet I don't!! Isn't that always the way?