Thursday, 3 July 2008

Synchronicity...and vintage fabric...

We have had quite a busy day today. We are taking a well earned break from the business due to the operation last week, but, in more ways than one, we are really enjoying time away. We have been out and about as much as I can tolerate - we organised our chickens today (we'll pick them up when they're 12 weeks) and even planned where they'll be located and what their needs will be.

We're off to Melbourne tomorrow. It will be fun going back - I haven't been there for a very long time. But we have just received news our dear family home in Brunswick was finally demolished by the investor who purchased it from us. The end of a gorgeous and oh so happy era. So tomorrow, I am going to say goodbye...

Tonight, more ebay auctions. Three more fabrics - all $14.99. The pick of the bunch for me is the Scandinavian piece (at the top) - I love it!

Lastly - have you heard of Tut and the Notes of the Universe? I get emails daily to keep me on the ball spritually and motivationally (yes - I made up that word)....this is today's message...

Think not of how, V, whether in terms of logistics, people, or inspiration, but of the end results you dream of. The end, in thought, combined with action, in its general direction, will always create the necessary circumstances, serendipities, epiphanies, ideas, and discoveries necessary to bring about the desired manifestation. The hard part is done for you. Your part is the easy part: Think and let go. Knock on every door and turn over every stone. Do not insist upon the path, but upon the overall change you wish to experience, and never take no for an answer.

You can do this. You've been doing it all your life.

You take after me -
The Universe

Isn't it beautiful?

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