Thursday, 17 September 2009

Announcing the winner of our store credit!


I used the wonderful and left it to the universe to choose a winner for our $20 store credit giveaway - and the lucky winner was Lea!

Lea said : i love vintage fabric because it inspires wonderment of what it might have been and who might have worn it.

Congratulations, Lea!


If you've got a couple of minutes read some of the wonderful responses to the line "I love vintage fabric because...." - they are all so special! Here are some below...

Carmel said: I love vintage fabric because it prompts threads of memories of a Marimekko-filled childhood.

Jenna Z said: I love vintage fabric because I get tired of seeing things made with the SAME fabrics that everyone can get at the quilt shop! Vintage fabrics are so unique because they are most likely the last few yards that have survived and you (YOU!) get to decide how to use it!

Miss Jane said: I love vintage fabric because it brings back such sweet memories of my groovy mum and aunties!

Nest said: I LOVE vintage fabric because it is both beautiful AND environmentally friendly. There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than mid-century to 1970's prints. The bold patterns, the warm and rich colors, I love it all so much!

Anne said: I love vintage fabric because it reminds me of photos of my Mum way back when. How I wish she had kept some of that stuff.... Also reminds me of the crazy curtains we had that didn't match anything!

The line from Dixie is priceless:

I love vintage fabric because I was there and loved it when it was new!

So very true! It's a pertinent reminder that vintage was once new and highly sought after for break-through design - but I do think there is something wonderful about using something with a history...but that's just me!

Thank you for playing, everyone - stand by, as we've got some wonderful giveaways coming your way!

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