Thursday, 3 September 2009

There's so much I want from 1953


Sometimes old photos and adverts just grab me and I end up staring and staring to see the finer details. The piece above is one of those ads. It's an advert for Laminex, featured in the House and Garden February 1953 edition, and I have found myself trying to breathe in what this kitchen would be like today. So much I want...

Her hair colour
Her lip colour
Her pearl earrings
Her nails and nail polish
Her shoes
That dress - that colour
That Laminex kitchen table and chairs
The Sunbean Mixmaster
The bakelite cannisters and matching condiment cannisters
The bakelite radio
The white stove (in original condition)
The bar stool
The door with the circle window

...and a kitchen that clean would be good, too :)


  1. Oh, fun! The mixer looks a bit like a phaser. And everything is so neatly aligned along the kitchen wall.
    Uneven numbers of flowers were so typically then, too.

  2. I must admit my mother never stood elegantly arranging flowers in our kitchen in the '50s , which certainly didn't look like this ! But she always wore heels , hat and gloves with her neat suit as she picked me up from school .... everybody's mother did then .

  3. I'll never look that elegant - sigh...but I can dream for that hair colour! I had no idea about the odd number flower arrangement, either - strange...

    Have a great weekend!