Friday, 25 September 2009

A family tradition - AFL Grand Final day...


For my whole life I can remember enjoying the AFL Grand Final Day. Every year our family gets together for lunch, cake and some beer and scotch (for the boys). We cheer on the underdog if our team hasn't made to the final. This year it's between St Kilda and Geelong - St Kilda haven't won a premiership for decades so I'll be barracking for them. 'Carn the Saints!

Yes - and this is from a person who lives around eight minutes outside of Geelong. Pfffsstt! Who team Carlton aren't in the final so you've always got to go for the underdog, I say!

Have a great Grand Final day for those of you in Victoria!



  1. Hehe, go Saints!!!
    I'm a Blues girl too, have fun Ness!

  2. Go Saints!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's for my Dad.

    My poor Hawks didn't make it this year.