Sunday, 13 September 2009

One of the lights of my life...

Business cards
Retro Age Vintage Fabrics business cards...our individual style :)

It's been a funny ol' time around here of late. I am not working at my peak at the moment so Justin is running around like a mad-man keeping the household and the business ticking over. It included cooking his first lamb roast this weekend. And it was magnificent. Boo.

Things are a little topsy-turvy again thanks to my recent health. I am ever so hopeful this horrid 18-month run of ill health shall stop soon. Now I have a heart arrhythmia - a nigh on constant one that, while 'harmless', makes me feel totally ill. I am missing every third beat and the heart whacks around the chest cavity on the fourth beat, keen to pump the over supply of blood. I don't like living with the whacks. Much prefer the tick tock kinda stuff. So this weekend I started some hardcore drugs - beta blockers - to reduce my heart beat to control those bloody whacks. Hasn't worked yet - just made me feel even more horrid.

In a bid to get my mind 'off the whacks and the no tick tocks' I set about making our business card 'cards' today. It soothed me. It was fun. Logan has always been the type of child who likes to keep close to one of us. This afternoon he sat next to me making me cards to feel better. He presented me with the one below, ever so proudly, and I promptly burst into tears. It is the most wonderful, wonderful card I have ever received. It is staying with me forever.


Inside front:

Back (closed):

Inside back (flaps open):

His card was the perfect tonic I needed to get through a whacking afternoon. He is my perfect antidote to sadness and fear. And I didn't even bloody know he could write some of those words! His language skills are moving along in leaps and bounds - for a six-year-old I am told he's tracking much higher...(insert proud Mum)...

And to cheer me up I am looking forward to giving away $20 of website credit to some lucky duck out there! If you haven't left a comment yet you have until Thursday to! Good luck!

PS. Have a wonderful, wonderful week, everyone! May the sun shine in your world...


  1. oh my. that is beautiful. what a very special gift from your son. seriously, that just blows me away!

  2. How wonderful! My heart skipped when I read "Your ok Your with us". Never a truer word said. ♥

  3. Vanessa, I hope you are yourself again soon and manage to boot away all your dodgy health issues. Beautiful from Logan....

  4. Thanks, everyone - your wishes give me strength! I'll be fine - I want to live 'til I am as old as a shrivelled apple...I'll get there!


  5. Oh, how beautiful! Treasure these moments :)
    Hope all is fine for you Ness.