Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vintage fabric trade advertising - 1969


I love these photos. They are from a Kanebo sample catalogue, vintage 1969. You are more than welcome to right click and save them for close ups etc...I just didn't want to reduce the resolution any further to dim the intensity...

Kanebo vintage fabric

The catalogue is selling Kanebo Soiestar, a beautiful soft nylon.

Kanebo vintage fabric

It's a trade brochure with samples also enclosed, but I forgot to scan them - sorry!

Kanebo vintage fabric

We are signing off from the operational side of the business this Friday, so we are busy getting orders out almost as soon as they come through the door. The break is only operational - no cutting of fabric, no posting/shipping - so we'll still be online and contactable via email.We're here if you need us :)

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