Sunday, 6 September 2009

Happy Father's Day beloved...


Did you just feel the earth stand still or shudder? Because this is a miracle! Here is a slightly blurred photo of the better half...he HATES photos being taken (and put on blogs, I would think...especially with chips in his band!)...but I couldn't help but pop this one to say a Happy Father's Day!

Yes - this is the man who irons and wraps your orders lovingly...who posts them...rushes about on a day-to-day basis chasing bolts, tracking orders...what on earth would I do without him?

We had a wonderful day with my Mother cooking up a feast - and then I backed up and cooked a yummy dinner, followed by home-baked banana cake and yummy sago (the boys and I had already done the brekkie in bed ritual). Logie went to so much trouble to make some goodies for his Dad and Gabriel piped in with some scribbles and we spent some wonderful time running about, sitting back watching To Kill a Mockingbird (Logie loves 'the soap man' - Boo Radley) and now everyone is either asleep or in a sleepy heap.

To all fathers - may your day have been filled with happiness, with many wonderful memories to be cherished!

PS Sorry about the photo, babe - just couldn't help it....:)


  1. Happy Father's Day! Good on you, sounds like a nice little team happening...

  2. Thank you! Sometimes our team works well - some days are not perfect...but we do enjoy it :)