Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dear yoo-no-hoo...


Dearest yoo-no-hoo (yoo-no-hoo-yoo-r)

You are continuing to make me laugh - today especially - what a line! - and yet I find myself shaking my head, feeling so sorry for you. Can you do nothing original for yourself? Can you not live your own life and dream up your own ideas? Why must you copy everything and then try and pass it off as your own? So very, very sad.

Dearest yoo-no-hoo, I am up for it. Oh, yes I am. You have no idea, m'dear. It's on. And I know when you scale through this blog (yes, I know your ISP, your operating system and who you purchase your internet through) and our website and you hit on ideas you haven't thought of as yet, it is always only days before I see them copied. So blatently, too. Like you have no self-worth or no original thought it your head. Boo hoo.

I now realise just how much you must screen my words for ideas and directions. Sad. And how much you try to be like us. Sad. And what you fail to realise is how much I would have shared, had you not been so ruthless a long time ago.

So, dearest yoo-no-hoo, keep stalking if you must, but be sure that nothing goes unnoticed by us - and by others.

As you say to me - happy selling!

Love yoo-no-hoo

PS. I love it when people blow their own lying trumpets up peoples *....*

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