Friday, 22 October 2010

ooooohhhhhhhhh errrrrrr - a new Retro Age brand!

Ta da! Here is a little preview of what we have been working on behind the scenes - actually, this is a small portion of it, but you'll see our cool font at least! This is our main header and avatar - you likeeee? We likeee! I love the colourway and the uber cool font.

The website will be updated slowly - and we'll be adding in some nice little features, I hope. And an all important tag line to go with this new brand. With more than 1000 individual fabrics on the website, I think it is now safe to say we have the largest online vintage fabric store in the perhaps that's a little hint with our tag :)

Back to work for me - lots of orders to get out once again today - thank you to our lovely customers! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, too...Happy Friday, all!


PS. New stock going up onto the website later today - I'll post here when I've got some on the go :)

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