Thursday, 7 October 2010

An early start and a sneak vintage fabric preview...


For two days in a row I have been up before sunrise. I have been thinking about it for months, as I think it would add some time into my day, but as I am the person who stays in bed until the very last second, I didn't think I was capable of it. But, on talking to a loved friend on Monday and he telling me how wonderful the start of the actual day is (as opposed to your day) and with a snoring two-year-old who deciding to visit our bed at 5.30am, I thought I 'might as well get up'. So I did. And I was shocked at how much I loved it. Silence. Birds chirping everywhere. The day quietly starting. So I did it again today - yes, I did! And while the two-year-old decided to get up, too, it was still thoroughly enjoyable.

PS. I had to have a Nanna nap in the afternoon yesterday, though. This getting up with the birds business might take a bit of getting used to!

PPS. We have a new category arriving on the website today - can you tell by the photo what it will be?


  1. This school year, I've found myself rising before the kids and you're right, it's wonderful! I get some quiet contemplating time before the buzz of the day.

    Your picture makes me want to stick my hands in and play with all those fabrics.
    Making Life a Work of Art!

  2. It is that, isn't it, Catherine - the quiet before the buzz of kids etc. I totally agree - although my poor body is going to take a while to adjust! I've just had a look at your blog - gorgeous, gorgeous work! I can imagine our tubs would bring you much fun...every time I put my arms in it's like a kid in a Lego bucket!