Friday, 15 October 2010

Happy birthday, Mr Vintage Fabric





We don't do wrapping paper in this household. Well - at Christmas we do do the commercial Christmas wrapping paper thing - but, for every other occasion, we use sturdy brown paper, kiddies hands and imaginations and some textas and crayons. And then we keep the wrapping paper so we can embarrass the kids at their, not really. We keep it so the kids can have it when they grow up, of course.

Today is Mr Justin's birthday. So there was much wonderful birthday shenanigans when we got up this morning. This is Logan's picture and writing on one of Justin's presents. I just had to put it here. Had to. I love it! Absolutely love it! Is it because Logan took so much delight in drawing the details (even down to the jersey caramels on top of the cake - that's Justin's cake request!), or it is because Justin looks like...ahem...well...a cross between a blow-up doll and a drug dealer?

I love Logan's little wordage, too - because, as you can totally see, Justin is blowing out his cake and making a wish. And there are two wishes on the wrapping..."I wish Logan will listen" and "I wish that babe would kiss me every day". Babe is me - thank goodness....

We are cutting our Retro Age day short today to enjoy this birthday joy - there is some wrapping and some new arrivals going up onto the site...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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