Thursday, 28 October 2010

Work and life balance

Inbetween a busy business and schedule we always make time for our family and married life. The reason we left the rat race was to ensure we had more quiet, family time than running-around-like-headless-stressed-parents all of the time. It just wasn't for us for this stage of our lives.

We are always trying to balance our lives with the business to ensure we're offering our kids a memorable and wonderful childhood. That is one of our main drives. And thinking about what makes us happy and making sure we're all happy and satisfied with our lives (at the moment) is another constant in our lives.

So there has been quiet dusk contemplation at the beach for us, plus dog watching shenanigans with blankets, drink and food...

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful man to celebrate our anniversary. Gerberas are my favourite flower - and, of course, Mr Vintage couldn't go wrong with orange, could he? I have to say I do love my man. I love the fact he thinks he's going to go down in history as the only man in the world who has so much vintage fabric sent and given to him. He thinks he may be the only man who knows the difference between a cretonne and barkcloth. Love.

And as we're now entering into lovely Spring weather we have lots of outdoors fun and play. Apologies for the quick snap, but I wanted to quickly capture the picnic lunch with Wall-E and some of the Toy Story gang...not to mention the odd rogue chook swooping in for some sandwich.

The look on Woody's face above says it all - as Justin says, he looks drunk. Drunk on life, I say?

Thank you for a wonderful couple of days, Mr Vintage. I'm so blessed to have found you.

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