Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween 2010

Well, today was the annual Halloween Trick or Treat day on Pakington St in Geelong. We go every year for a couple of hours worth of fun for the boys - some of the shops give lollies to the kids who walk up and down the street. This year Nanny bought their outfits and Dad did the...ahem....make up on. The shot above is before the actual trek up and down Pakington St - they're all abuzz with excitement and energy.

Logan won best dressed boy for his age group, so I am putting this close up shot up here for posterity. He said his Dad should be a professional make-up artist. Hmmm...he gets fabric and does good make-up? Oh dear.

And this is the after shot. Logan looks death! And Gabriel is begging for more lollies. Such is Halloween for our family!


  1. oh yes, one is never enough sadly! Looks like you had fun - hope the detox wasn't too scary! I reckon your fella sounds pretty good!

  2. They look adorable! PS: The no commenting issue was a firefox prob. All fixed. :)

  3. The went down quickly and then hit the sack - two sugar-less rascals had had a very big day! Today they were grumpy and asking for lollies as soon as they got up at 6.30am, but we got 'em to lunch before another treat or two! Now I truly feel my age after this weekend, though - where did my 20s go when I could Halloween with the best of them? Sigh.