Sunday, 22 November 2009

Does this feeling still exist?

Does this still exist? Every time I spy this pic (the front of a 1956 Home Beautiful magazine) I can almost feel her relaxation. Her jobs are done. Her patio edging is complete. Now is the time for her to sit back, grab that romance and wile away the afternoon...

I remember Sunday afternoons were once like that - but that was when I was a kid.

Now the days are filled, filled, filled!

We had a busy week last week so we're taking things a little slower around these parts this week. I am reminding myself what life is supposed to be filled up with - anything but toil! So we've had lovely guests, a jam-packed happy weekend and we're looking forward to some quiet (and not so hot!) days this week. Perhaps I can even pop in some exercise (eeeekkkk) and dash around the block a little? Don't laugh if you drive by.....

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