Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ten days and ten ways of slowing down...& Peta Pledger

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One of the blogs I regularly read is too many thangs in my head - written by Umatji.

She has been writing a some wonderful posts in the last couple of days - well, she always does, but she is doing a 'ten days and ten ways of slowing down' series that I am loving. As I always seem to live life too fast to (truly) enjoy it I have been reading avidly...and her advice is spot on and beautifully conveyed!

Another happy moment today was winning the Sorted book offered on Peta Pledger's blog - woot! I couldn't believe I won - I really need this book! I don't like clutter but clutter seems to love me. Have you seen Peta's amazing creations? She has a great Etsy store and bigcartel one as well. I love the era she loves - her designs are lovely and her sewing skills are second to none! Oh...and did I mention I went to school with her and we worked at Safeway Carlton together way back in the 80s (we were check out chicks - even though I can't remember her on a register!!)...- bar ha ha, Peta, had to get it in :)


  1. I was a checkout chick too - I never worked in the deli!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Ness, wise words indeed! I love what she writes.