Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A reminder to us all from Maria


A couple of weeks ago my Uncle asked if I had some scarves. One of his friends had recently been diagnosed with cancer and she wanted some vintage scarves to make her feel better when her hair fell out. I ask you - what better use for gorgeous scarves than to brigten the day of someone in need of sunshine and hope?

And then I received an email two days ago...


Hello Vanessa,

I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity, Robert has passed on the bag of stunning scarfs which I simply can't thank you enough for. I know this may sound a little odd but I am a little relieved at the prospect that I will now be looking a least a little chic with my vintage covered noggin!

Again I really appreciate your kind gesture.

thanks again.

Regards Maria xx

This email gave birth to tears. To be honest - it was a pertinent reminder of the power of a gift, number one. And then it reminded me that simple gestures really can make a difference. And perhaps I have been thinking about donating my scarf collection to the local Grace McKellar Centre to bring a smile to some of us who most desperately need cheering up - and to remind them of just how beautiful they are, no matter what...

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  1. Yes...the little things can make a big difference!