Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Grant Featherston chairs

I love mid-century furniture. I think our home is in a time warp. People who love new furniture walk into our house and usually don't know what to make of it. Nothing really modern - all old furniture and collectables with old prints of nudies decorating the wall. Lots of glassware. Lots of Aussie pottery. Lots of things made in the 1970s and before...

I have always dreamt of coming across a Grant Featherston chair - no design in particular - any of them would do! I love his form and silhouette - particularly the legs, for some reason. His design epitomises mid-century chic to me...

Perhaps I will come across that old furniture place in the back blocks somewhere - some place no antiques dealer has visited. And I'll walk through the old hallways...on one side shall be a room filled with vintage fabric...and in the other shall be a Grant Featherston chair. Just waiting for me.


  1. Hello,
    do you remember where you got the old newspaper images from?

  2. Hi Nick - I don't precisely remember, but I do know I got them from a vintage magazine, not a newspaper. Sorry I can't be of further assistance!