Sunday, 1 November 2009

Online food shopping - do you?


We have hit a small 'how should we shop' wall. We're in the midst of setting up our large vegie patch and herb garden and already shop in bulk at lots of warehouses in Geelong. We buy our meat in bulk, rice, pasta - anything bulk we can buy, we buy. And we buy local produce every time we can.

But then I come to the weekly or fortnightly grocery shopping and I don't know what to do! I am a list driven gal but not a great planner so I find myself - or hubby - visiting our supermarket up to six times a week. There's lots of items bought we don't really need and I find myself planning dinner in the late arvo or shopping by memory. Shameful, I know...

Then I came across Woolworths new online shopping and thought this may be good for our pockets as well as the environment. The food is more expensive but I can buy everything in one foul swoop, they deliver the next day and I can plan ahead on the computer (I am good that way!)...

Not sure whether it's better for the back pocket - but I think it would be, even with the more expensive prices. Lots of stuff bought with our kids none of us need and I also impulse purchase - shameful again! And then their truck is on the road delivering anyway so perhaps an extra stop isn't bad for the environment considering all the times we visit the supermarket in the car?

We live semi-rural so haven't got the luxury of farmers markets - but we do pick up local produce when we can. I wish we had an amazing local market like the Queen Vic in Melbourne but we have nothing like it on the Surf Coast. We also can't bike everywhere.

I am totally in two minds - what do you all do?

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