Monday, 2 November 2009

IDesign - Seven Ways of Design Thinking


I was told about this program today and have been reading about it this arvo. It's called IDesign - Seven Ways of Design Thinking and it's by Dr Charles Burnette. It's quite interesting on so many levels - from a business perspective to teaching kiddies how to find and use concepts. It works like this...

Intend - prioritise, declare and pursue
Define - itemise, describe and refer
Explore - relate, organise and analyse
Suggest - formulate, present and explain
Innovate - produce, process and improve
Goalgetting - monitor, measure and evaluate
Know - remember, reflect and apply


I am really impressed - it's such a linear program it almost seems too simple. But I think simplicity is best with strategy and planning, don't you?


I am totally addicted to the Down-to-Earth site once again - you have to see her biscuits - we're going to make them as a family in the next day or so as they seem totally kiddie proof! And don't forget to join the forum, too - it's a wonderful source of green information and how to live life simply!

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