Sunday, 28 March 2010 favourite vintage pillowcases

Part of being sustainable - or being as sustainable as you can be - is using things from the past (new or unused) and not purchasing new. We live by that ethic in this household...we counted four new things in our main lounge the other day - the rest is vintage.

These are my all time favourite pillowcases. I hope these don't offend anyone! We use these all of the time and they never fail to give us a little smile. They are very much showing their age, but we don't mind. We got them in an estate sale years ago and just couldn't bare to part with them via Retro Age. Sometimes old linen just needs to be kept, don't you think?

My sustainable ethic is becoming stronger and stronger the older I get. But it still amazes me how little people know about reusing, recycling and being sustainable. I couldn't believe it when my own sewing teacher laughed at my pins as they were ancient and I should get some new ones. I told her these were from an estate sale and were just as good as new ones, albeit with a little more personality. It makes me feel good to reuse old things that have previously been loved by other people. I love reusing old you?

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