Friday, 26 March 2010

Coco Chanel glamour

I read this post on Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op with much interest today. Homemade deoderant - ooohhh eerrrr. I couldn't wait to skip to the supermarket to buy the corn starch (here in Australia it's corn flour) and mix the bicarb and corn flour into my new oh so special deoderant.

And then I got to thinking...what to keep it in? I needed something special - something that would make the ritual of putting on deoderant something lovely again. I instantly thought of my Grandmother's Chanel No 22 bath powder I had in our ensuite. She had given it to me a long time ago and I had stashed it away. This is the perfect vessel, I thought!

I got my homemade deoderant ingredients ready and went off to hunt for the Chanel container. I yipped when I found it. And then I yipped some more when I realised there was so much powder left in it. I couldn't throw Chanel out just to make my new deoderant! So I have popped some on my body, I have luxuriated in the scent and the sparkle on my skin...and I have stashed away my new deoderant supplies until this gorgeous loveliness is finished. It is just divine. A pure I am sure my new environmentally friendly aluminium free deoderant powder will be when I make it...

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