Sunday, 7 March 2010

Decluttering your home - a clean walk-in-robe

I am continuing on with my 2010 goals - the shock of the broken toe and little Gabriel's iron deficiency (he's now on a prescription pending an urgent visit to a kiddies doc) has subsided and I was able to crack back into decluttering our house this week. My goal was our walk-in-wardrobe. We want a professional to build cabinetry on all walls next year, so I wanted it clean, tidy and simplified 'to have it ready'...

These two pics don't show you much, but I went through the room from top to bottom. Dusting, cob-webbing, wiping, vacuuming, cleaning...everything. I removed all of the 'stuff' from the shelves and floor (floor is just about to be re-done, too...polished concrete, anyone?). We even went through our clothes - any clothes too old were piffed out, any clothes we don't wear anymore was donated to charities and we even removed excess steele hangers for recycling. Throughout the week, everything found a new home. And what hasn't found a home will soon...

This week my goal is our ensuite. I want it perfect from top to bottom and also clear of stuff I have been stuffing in there. And what I also may start working on is our bedroom - the last bit of that part of the house. Woot!

If you'd like to join in the decluttering fun feel free! Anything removed from your surroundings - small or large - is a great foot forward...if you need some support you can find it here...


  1. Nothing like sorting out you wardrobe

  2. Nothing like sorting out you wardrobe for cleaning the mind