Tuesday, 2 March 2010

And then you get side-swiped

I had everything under control. Yes, I did. I was kicking goals through 2010 and was quickly working towards them. Every day seemed to glow with a certain perfection and I found myself thinking 'surely this happiness can't last'.

No, it can't.

We found out today our two-year-old Gabriel has iron deficiency amaemia and needs to be under a paediatrician's care immediately. We don't know much more than that - other than now we start a round of tests to see what has caused it - as this is the symptom of something else, apparently. And you really shouldn't Google illness as I have just found out there's a host of things that can cause this - cancer, stomach bleeds, ulcers, bad diet and lead poisoning. Yep - trust me - don't Google illness!

I was going to start a special little Tuesday night 'thingie' tonight but my heart just isn't in it, folks. We only got the phone call at 6.30pm. The boys are in bed asleep and now it's time for us to chat and process things, taking refuge in each other instead of worrying due to Google searches!


  1. So sorry to hear your news. You are right though, when you "Google" any type of illness it only makes things worse (been there done that!). One thing I always remember my mum saying that a doctor told her once, was "that the most common complaints are the most common!" I trust that it all works out ok for you - keep your chin up :)

  2. Dear Vanessa. I can only imagine how you're feeling, and send you lots of virtual good vibes and wishes, and hope that your precious little boy will be ok. Shut down the internet, it can only fuel worry and concern, and although it sounds terrible, it will be better when you find out just what it is that you are dealing with because it will give you clarity and focus.
    It must be the day for it. I came home from work tonight and my 74 year old mum told me that her (new) GP has discovered that she has a severe iron (and B 12) deficiency, likely the cause of the fatigue she's been suffering from for quite some time that her old GP did nothing about.
    Take care, Vanessa. I'll be sending up some special prayers to God, the Universe, and anyone else who will listen, for Gabriel, you and your family.
    Love Lyn & Felix

  3. So sorry to hear this. I hope it will all be sorted soon and your little one will be healthy again. Sending you lots of good wishes.

  4. Thank you all so much for your sweet comments - they brought a tear to my eye! I am almost back to my normal self today and am much more optimistic about Gabriel...time will tell, but I intend to make him laugh every day!

    Thank you!