Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Putting it into perspective

I got two fabulous emails in the inbox this morning. One was from Lissane at Sorted with the following lesson:

Productivity in 11 Words
One thing at a time
Most important thing first
Start now.

There is power in this simplicity - as the polar opposite is:

Everything at once
Overwhelmed with choices
Do nothing: just waste time.

This made me sit and literally just stop and breathe. I had forgotten the Buddhist thought of 'take one thing at a time' - and not to worry. So I reminded myself that recent health issues with our little one must be put into perspective. Get him into an excellent doctor, talk to doctor and wait. Once that was all organised all we can now do is sit and wait. And not worry.

I also got an interesting blog post from Tim Sanders. It's an interesting one if you have a business - or a life goal - you want to succeed at. Tim's post is below:

These days, I'm reading the classics in motivation and leadership.

They were written during and after the Great Depression (30s/40s) and influence a second round of great books in the 70s & early 80s. One of the seminal works was Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. While much of the book is either dated (you have opportunities in the USA) or low level (how to market your personal services), many ideas are still very relevant.

Hill had unique access to industry titans like Thomas Edison, JP Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and Charlie Schwab. He studied them for 25 years and discovered the "secret" to their success. They all possessed four key assets that shaped their thinking into a powerful sword of success:

1. A clear purpose - They started with the Why, not the what they are doing. The purpose was worthy and just. It elicited powerful emotions about the value of the mission.

2. Intense desire to fulfill the purpose - Desire is when thoughts combine with emotions to create energy. You must be willing to weather heavy criticism, multiple setbacks and a potential loss of everything. This desire will give you persistence.

3. A mind free of negative thoughts. You choose to spend your mind-time on solutions, previous successes or positive thoughts. You chase out the negative thoughts like a healthy body attacks disease.

4. A network of supporters. You can't do it alone, and you need help. Not just any help, positive help. You need people that will give you the honest but positive feedback you need to overcome adversity and chase your most ambitious dreams.

Today was definitely filled with the universe telling me to slow down, think and put everything into perspective. And it's worked.

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