Monday, 1 March 2010

Sustainable Monday

I've had a rather busy Monday - a very satisfying day, but one that has sped by! We managed to start our new compost heaps today. We're recycling rocks from our garden and positioning the two heaps behind our shed. I'll go through how to build and create your own compost heap when I have more energy (hopefully tomorrow) - for now, here is a shot of the start of our rock walls! We're putting a base of either chicken or horse manure down with straw to start the compost heaps and then we'll go from there. It's a much better system than the Bokashi we are currently using - the Bokashi is wonderful, but the fact you have to 'buy' your organisms goes against our ethic of doing everything without assistance from anything other than the earth...and we have a backyard big enough to sustain two rotating compost heaps. If you have a small backyard or live in an apartment then I would highly recommend a Bokashi bucket - it's an amazing devise and well worth the output to recycle your kitchen waste.

As sustainability is a large part of my life - and the ethic of Retro Age largely rotates around using that 'which is already made' I have decided to dedicate each Monday to sustainable posts. I hope to give you the tips we have come across while living a sustainable life - and will take you through our sustainable goals as we progress through them this year...

I had another sewing class today - I can't believe how much I am learning each week. Today the teacher and I discussed how to stop the 'slinky' vintage fabrics from moving while I am sewing them - we think we have come up with a plan, but only time will tell. It's hard to cut along the grain with rayon and other movable fabrics, but I am getting there - actually, sewing great straight lines if I say so myself! There's much to keep on learning, so I am looking forward to our classes this month.

Lots of business work today and more to come this week. I was listening to Goldfrapp in the workroom all day - I love the music and her voice. Enjoy :)

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