Sunday, 21 March 2010

A final farewell to Pop

Last week was a little strange - one of those weeks that comes out of know-where and hits you for six. A defining week. A week I will look back and remember as a pivotal point in 2010.

My beloved Pop (Alfred Redmond Collier) was finally laid to rest last Friday at Springvale Cemetary in Melbourne. He passed away in 2004 - when Logan, our eldest, was less than a year old. Due to my Nan not being able to decide what to do with his ashes it was left to the executor of his estate - my Aunt - to make a decision. So she decided to go against his wishes and inter him, rather than scattering him. My entire family is estranged from my Aunt (apart from my Nan, who has dementia), so we only had five days notice to be a part of his final day. It was a difficult day but I am so glad he is finally somewhere where I can visit him.

Other things happened throughout the week that will have no meaning here, but I have kept on going with the decluttering of the house and our builder completed the carport and courtyard walls with Shadowclad. According to my wonderful Goalscape software (click on the link at the top of this blog), I am now around 60% through the house. The amount leaving this property to go to thrift stores and being recycled is just amazing - we are really cleaning our surroundings! And it feels so much better - and it gets easier as you go!

Today I focused on the kitchen and laundry. I had already completed an initial decluttering exercise in the kitchen a couple of months ago - that was difficult, as I had trouble deciding what to let go. Today I put out even more. Do I really need four collanders? No. At most, I need two. So the other two will go. Do I need two graters? How many kitchen bowls does one really need??

I am not in the best headspace today due to Friday - I have so much more to tell you, but I think I'll leave it here today and come back tomorrow :)

Have a lovely week!

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