Thursday, 17 June 2010

The bacteria didn't die!

I never thought I would be relieved I didn't kill bacteria, I can tell you...but I am! This is my fourth - and successful - attempt at making homemade yoghurt using live culture (from scratch). It tastes delicious! I now realise what I have been doing wrong - I mustn't have been keeping the mixture at the right temp...if it's too high or low it kills the good bacteria. So a stint in the oven at exactly the right temperature hit the special homemade yoghurt spot! I know it looks like a mess, but it is a creamy yoghurt with a little sweet kick...

So that is another staple food ticked - we make our own bread, source natural cows milk and now make our own yoghurt. In our household that is covering quite a lot of staples...I let you know what I attack next. I am thinking cheese...

I am going to keep ploughing through updating the website today and I have some orders to pack. Also want to take some shots of more listings to put up onto the website...lots to do today, so best get back to work!

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