Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sigh - I just love our customers!

I am sending this rose to one of our lovely customers as a thank you for writing such wonderful things about us! My Google alert led me to the following warmed my heart!

"The awesomeness of Retro Age Vintage Fabrics"

A little while ago I discovered a fantastic place to purchase vintage fabrics online. Retro Age Vintage Fabrics, run by the wonderful Justin & Vanessa, houses a world-famous collection of amazing vintage fabrics, namely "...the most unique selection of vintage fabrics from the 1920s to the 1970s." They supply fabrics to everyone from Hollywood film studios, to crafters, and have everything from remnants to bolts of fabric (think of how many things you could make with a whole bolt!). Just browsing through the site is incredibly inspiring, and I actually printed out a few of the fabric swatches on postcards to stick on my mood board.

After a fair while of browsing, I purchased three fabrics - two gorgeous floral prints, and another interesting chain-like print in a beautiful combination of sea-greens and blues...

Justin and Vanessa sent me an email the evening that I ordered, and it was far from being an automated reply. My fabrics arrived within just two days, and I was so impressed with the quality of the pieces, the friendly service, and the speed of delivery, that I felt compelled to write to them and say thank you. I received a lovely email back the next day, and something tells me that with such wonderful service, I will definitely be shopping their collection again.

This is what we are in business for - to try and really make your day!

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