Friday, 18 June 2010

Yes - I didn't know you could put that up your nose, either...

Dear black Lego stud

I am amazed my little two year old could fit you up his nose, too. I am not sure whether he was sniffing you - or he purposely shoved you up there to see what it felt like. He was on Daddy's knee at the time and Daddy didn't see it - oops. But when we tilted his head back to see if you were up a nostril and not on the floor (like Daddy was fervently hoping), there you were....nestled snuggly all the way up a tiny, tiny dark nostril.

I have to apologise for our blue language, Lego stud...I hope we didn't offend you...but, as I was running to the bathroom for my tweezers, I had visions of you going further up the nose and being inhaled completely...only to have to go through the stomach and other slippery places until I had to sort through poop to see if you came out. I am sure you can understand my language, now...

We thought a trip to the hospital was in order when I couldn't get to you. You were sliding further and further up and Gabriel was getting more and more distressed. I felt truly awful for putting you through this. The tweezers could barely get into the nostril, you see - so we had to do some nostril seperating work on a crying baby in order for me to snare you.

And snare you I did. You were very slimey, I can tell you.

And sorry I put you in the garbage. I could have cleaned you, I know - but you had gone to a place where you shouldn't have so you had to go. I wanted you out, totally away...

And let this be a message to any other Lego studs in our household - stay with your Lego friends or beware...


  1. Poor, poor Lego stud. May he rest in peace.

    My daughter once stuck an M&M up her nose. It burned and she cried so much it slid out.

  2. The M&M burned? Oh my goodness - the poor mite. But at least it started to melt and it 'slid' would have been an interesting sight!