Friday, 11 June 2010

Vintage fabric advertisements

Here are some lovely vintage fabric advertisements to brighten up your Friday! The first is a Sekers advertisement from The Good Life, November 16, 1970. I love the Sekers Bird copy!

The second advertisement is a Sheridan double page spread from Woman's Day, November 16, 1970. I vaguely remember the days when you had to send away to receive something in the mail - no email for the 1970s buyers!

The third advertisement is a Supertex chenille bedspread advertisement, Woman's Day, November 19, 1973. I remember my 1970s chenille bedspread - bright purple, if memory serves...I absolutely loved it and loved ripping the little tendrils out to my Mum's frustration...

And lastly we have the Bradmill advertisement from Woman's Day, November 16, 1970. I love the connotations of 'possible dreams'...and I love that arm-band, too! I also want that wallpaper, thank you...

More vintage fabric news coming up later today!

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