Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Dear 'flu

Dear 'flu

I can't say it's been lovely having you visit - after all, you arrived without an invitation and I really do hate that. I like etiquette - and etiquette says you must have an invitation to drop in for a coffee, a meal or a holiday. You didn't ask whether you were welcome. If you had I would have told you in no uncertain terms are not welcome in our household. Not today - not next week - not this year - not E V A H. I would have slammed our 1950s front door in your germy face...

My readers know I am not one to swear on my blog...but I have to say this, 'flu...can you piss off, please? I have had it to my back teeth. You arrived last Sunday week and have done nothing but make my life miserable - in fact, you have made life a hacking-cough and painful-sinus hell. No-one wants a guest that brings nothing but misery. No-one! So, please piss off, would you? Today would be good.

Thank you in anticipation...
x Ness

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