Thursday, 3 June 2010

Goody - the first subscription mailout today!

We started the Retro Age Vintage Fabrics Lovers Club last week. Ten lovely peeps have purchased subscriptions and it's their first mailout today! This means I get to go through our stock to choose some lovely pieces for, fun, fun! I also have ten fabrics sitting next to me to take some photos of to get up onto the site - they are mostly couture silks with the odd 1940s crepe...sublime.

A day of joy is ahead! Hope you have a fab day, too...



  1. oh. hmmm. why don't I know about this? Is there somehwere I can read about it? Thanks Ness. Monique

  2. Hi Monique - I hope you're well and looking forward to a lovely weekend! The Lovers Clubs are at I think you're a subscriber, too....haven't you received our emails??

  3. Hi Ness, no - I haven't received an email from Retro Age Vintage Fabrics in approx. 2-3 months. Unsure why. I haven't changed my email addy. Monique xx