Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Curtains almost decided on...


We are such the slow-pokes when it comes to making decisions. Any decisions. Not necessarily life decisions, but definitely purchasing decisions. What colour paint for the exterior? Do we render or not? Do we rip out front garden or not? What colour do we paint the boys' rooms?

I have decided on white paint for the boys rooms as they are only a medium size room - the walls will be a lovely Dulux antique white and I am thinking of a slightly paler shade for the ceilings and the huge window that dominates one wall in each room. I have been toying with ideas for window covers - Roman, blinds, curtains blah blah. But I really like the idea of ceiling to floor sheer curtains across the entire wall and then a pale blind (to match the external brick colour) for night. I have finally come across sheers I love. They are by Spacecraft and they are called the Amsterdam curtain. I think they are part of an entire series - linen etc - but I am just going with the large 240cm drop sheers at the moment. Can't wait! So relieved to finally find something that a) impresses me b) makes me think constantly about it and c) gets me all excited. I was sick of looking at curtains and blinds :)


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