Saturday, 8 August 2009

New arrivals preview blog


As you know we have a subsciber list for new arrival announcements (i.e - when they're available on the website) and general sales etc. But we also have customers who we deal with on an almost weekly basis who like to view fabric before it goes up for sale - as, well...lets all face it...sometimes it can take me months to get fabric up for sale!

To combat that problem and to make it easier for customers to view fabric photographed and ready for booking in/upload onto website I have started a 'new arrivals' blog. This is s photo driven list of the fabric that will soon be put up on the website for sale - a preview, if you will. The fabric will be filed by era and design, not to mention month of arrival, so it should be a good sound reference for our stock, given the time to build up the site...

The blog is here - and I'll pop a link on the righthand nav bar, too :)


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