Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Do women keep it all turning around?


I ventured out today. Well - not far. I left home, grabbed Justin's parcels and then jaunted off to the post office for him. He has been busily snipping away, keeping the house going, doing the cooking and cleaning and every other thing we get up to, just to ensure I rested in bed to defeat this evil virus...

The lady at the post office knows Justin well, as you can imagine. She knows we've all been felled by this virum - parents and kiddies alike - and she was tut tutting Winter and the chills it brings. And then she said an interesting thing..."Mothers have to fight on, don't they? Or else everything falls apart..."


Do Mothers make the world turn around? Or women, in general? In my little life definitely not. Granted, I keep an eye on things and am usually the steering committee and Justin is the project team...but, in truth, we move and shake just as much as each other. I hope this isn't a rarity out there in house-land. I couldn't do it all without him. Super Mums just don't exist in my world :)


Vintage fabric : 1940s or early 50s dress cotton with flower and bow motif


  1. No super mom here. I have 8 children, 6 are over 18 now. But I never considered myself a super mom. A mom's job is to teach the kids to take care of themselves, not slave for them. That is how I always felt anyway. Love love love this fabric!!!

  2. Oh my! - eight?? I admire you - I barely get through the day with two kids, let alone eight! I also agree with you - teaching them how to best look after themselves is one of the best gifts we can give them - as well as boundless love :)