Sunday, 9 August 2009

Vintage Florence Broadhurst fabric ??

Florence Broadhurst vintage fabric

I came across this listing on ebay for vintage Florence Broadhurst fabric today. Amazing what a virus can do to you...what does one do when one feels a little worse for wear? Browse ebay...ooohhh, the vintage furniture...

Florence Broadhurst vintage fabric

I would love it if someone could confirm the authenticity of this piece for me. It's listed as vintage Broadhurst fabric with an original selvedge - but I've never read of Broadhurst or her team printing fabric before. Anyone know if they did?

Florence Broadhurst vintage fabric

I love Broadhurst designs - 100 Floral isn't near a favourite but it's still a stunning design. If you love it too see this listing here.

We might be a little quiet over the next day or so - we're all sick, here!


  1. Hello, I saw your inquiry as to whether Florence Broadhurst offered hand-printed fabrics as well as her hand-printed wallpapers. I can confirm that Florence Broadhurst did indeed offer this fabric at her Sydney, AU headquarters in the 1960s or 1970s. The exact same hand-printed Floral 100 fabric and wallpaper pattern is still available today through Signature Prints in Sydney, AU. Signature Prints utilizes the same silk screens that Florence created and used during her lifetime. How do I know this fact? I am the US Western Regional Sales Manager for the Florence Broadhurst line. I hope that this information is of some assistance to you.
    Doug Gelvin
    US Western Regional Sales Manager
    Los Angeles

  2. Hello Doug

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our query. It is most interesting to hear that the Broadhurst team did indeed print fabric back in the heyday - nothing we have ever come across in vintage magazines has ever referenced this. I would have loved this piece, then!

    Thank you for answering a very important question...

    Kind regards
    Retro Age Vintage Fabrics

  3. This raises the question....How can you tell if a piece is vintage when there doesn't seem to be a catlogue of designs available.

    I have a roll of striped foil wallpaper which has *FLORENCE BROADHURST WALLPAPERS, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA printed along one side. Is this authentic. It does not say "Trim with straightline" as I have seen on other pieces. It is gold foil with pink and yellow stripes.

    Can anyone confirm if this is really vintage?

  4. Hi Mark

    It sounds as if you have original Broadhurst wallpaper as that was her strap line...but, to be sure, I am sure if you contacted Signature Prints in Sydney (or Google them - they have agents worldwide) to see what line they use on modern wallpaper print runs you'll be able to confirm whether it's truly vintage.

    All the best!