Saturday, 15 August 2009

Stonehenge vegetable patch

Vegetable patch in backyard

We have been moving and shaking our front and backyards and a side courtyard over recent months - we're renovating the inside as well as the outside! As you know we always try and be as sustainable as possible - reuse and recycle is our personal motto. What faces most people with an early 70s house is usually faux volcanic rocks - huge in the 70s, oh so not liked in 2009 :). What to do with so many of these? Give them away? Well, yes, we could. Or we could create a line of large vegetable patches at the rear of our back yard and reuse them in a meaningful way. The above shot was taken today (gorgeous day) - lots progressed after the shot, but we basically have one patch ready to fill with yummy compost, soil and mulch...two more coming tomorrow, hopefully.

At the front of our backyard is my all time favourite tree. A gorgeous magnolia. Every year I take photos of her when she blooms. The one below was taken today...I hope you like her :)


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