Saturday, 15 August 2009

Saturday morning shenanigans


So - how did I go? Thus far today...

1. I want my two papers out on my front lawn when I get up with the toddler at 5.30am tomorrow morning

Well, said toddler got up at 5.45am and by 5.47am I was wandering around my pitch black front garden spying for rogue papers. No papers to be found. Nothing in weeds. Nothing in long grass. This is a first for reliable paper man.

6am - next paper check. Nothing. Have they forgotten or are they still in bed? Toddler running around house screaming his head off (laughing-screaming we call it)...eldest son is woken up by shrill toddler and grumps out to the lounge-room and slaps himself prone on modular suite...oh, dear...

6.05am - water boils for double Gloria Jeans vanilla plunge coffee. Relief. Intense relief.

6.15am - next paper check. Nothing. Fake dawn - quite beautiful. Magpies waking up in their trees. Nothing like that sound - beautiful. Toddler bring all toys from play room out into lounge room. Oh oh - it's going to be that type of morning. First coffee down. Lush.

6.30am - next paper check at dawn. One paper in weeds. Still can't find the other. Toddler is elated paper has arrived. Excited babbling as I rip the plastic sheath. Toddler grabs paper and 'reads' for five minutes. I then retrieve thrown pages and put it back page by page. This is now a Saturday ritual.

6.45am - thud outside. I walk out in early sunlight. It's quiet. Second paper is on the pathway. Relief mixed with sleep-deprived 'I wanted this an hour ago' miffed-ness. Retrive paper, bring inside. Toddler does his second paper ritual for the day. I sit back and watch...where is my energy? My second coffee is down.

7am - I have put the papers back together and have quiet toddler and older son in dining room chowing down Weetbix and milk. Silence - no yelling over Lego like five minutes ago. I can start to read the paper....

More later :)

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