Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Wish Jar and the Wishing Critter

Wish Jar - Wishing Critter

I wish I could remember where I got this image from. I remember the blog - American or Canadian - and the lovely crafty gal who told us about her wonderful crafty things and her life. And then her life didn't take such a great turn and her blog isn't there anymore. If I remember the name I'll pop back to attribute the image - unless anyone recognises it?

I was in bed ill today - with a lovely virus. Not happy, Jan. But then again it gave me some space from the business and allowed me to tuck myself in at home to take the day nice and slowly. Tomorrow I hope to restart my engine again.

Things I was thinking about today include:
  • Feeling satisfied saying no for a long time to using plastic bags - I am fully weened
  • Wondering whether I should start to order my groceries online - it seems so easy and not much more expensive - but it would save a heap o' time!
  • Wondering about my heart echo stress test coming up and hoping the heart is healthy
  • Trying to understand ebay's new fee and store structure as we're looking at re-opening Retro Age on ebay
  • Preferring Eric to Bill in the Sookie Stackhouse novel #2
  • Wondering when we shall finish our massive vegie patch and painting a bedroom
  • Looking forward to Project Runway Australia
  • Accepting I have to clean the workroom and overhaul the space
  • Loving the fact my boys were quiet and caring about me while sick
  • Being thankful J kept the day going and all of the orders completed and out the door
A better day coming tomorrow :)


  1. I get your random thoughts. I do the same when I have time to just sit. Which isn't often. Hope you are better.

  2. Thank you for your kind wishes - yes, I am slowly beating this virus or flu :) - sitting in silence is wonderful, isn't it? My brain loves ticking away in silence...