Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Business Highlights - January

I feel the need to record some of my highlights this year - I have no idea why. I have tended to hide behind my business a little over the years and I have also tended to under-rate myself and what we have achieved as business owners as our competitors stalk us and love to copy anything and everything we do. But, really - I shouldn't care so much, should I? It's like internet trolls - you know they are there and when they raise their ugly heads, you just have to go about your own business and ignore them.

But in 2012 I want to talk more about my business and what we can and have achieved. As you know, we service customers world-wide - and that means chatting to some amazing people in film, interior, photographic and other creative industries. We love it when textile and clothing designers purchase our fabric - and some well known Australian labels and their famous designers have continued to shop from us in January this year. Our fabrics feature in mag layouts and fashion shoots, too.

We've also had some fabric going off to several television and film locations of late...there seems to be a run on 1960s and 70s films and programs. And we have seen some amazing cushions and dresses made out of our fabrics recently - seeing these shots really do make our day!

Our January just may be our best yet, lovely customers - and that says a lot in these current economic times. Thank you so much - from the bottom of our vintage fabric hearts - for continuing to shop with us...



  1. Always feel proud of your successes! And if you've reached the point where you can confidently talk about your business, without being worried about competitors grasping at your ideas or practices, then that's a success in itself.

    (And if you want to use a pic of a certain cushion just let me know.)

  2. I'd love to see where some of your fabric ends up! You should post images of shoots etc!