Monday, 9 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 6/366 - Having a cackle every day...

It was one of those mornings. You know the ones - you're the last one up, the kids have been fighting over toys since they got up and the husband is grumbling that we've run out of bacon. I can hear them rabbiting away to each other in the lounge room. I come slothing out of our bedroom and yell out 'good morning!', but get tiddly squat response. I think gosh, what a way to start the day. And then I walk into the kitchen and reach for the jug, only to look into the eyes of a....chicken.

Obviously Miss Mary Land couldn't wait for her Weetbix this morning and was having something to say through the kitchen window.

I laughed. Justin laughed. The kids laughed their head off. What could have been a crappy start to the day ended up being the perfect start.

Ya gotta laugh throughout the day, peeps - laughter is good for you! Don't forget to remind the negative Nancy's to laugh, too...and those pessimistic types...and those dower people who never enjoy themselves.

Thank you for the laugh, Miss Mary Land. It made the most wonderful start to my day.

Good Thing - Remember to laugh!
This Good Thing is For : Our mind, body, soul and spirit!

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