Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 1/366 - Choppy Chop

Sometimes we forget the good in life, you know? Sometimes our days can get so busy and go so quickly that we forget to truly evaluate what was great about it and how you actually lived it. Pip is doing a series on 'A Year of Good Things' over on her blog - and while I am not one for doing this type of thing, this series truly got me thinking.

I also want this blog to be a place my sons can read and learn about what their parent's get/got up to and why.

Each and every day I look forward to my breakfast/lunch. Justin and I went primal late last year and we are not looking back, I can tell you. We try and eat grass-fed meat, free from hormones and all the other icky stuff - and as much vegetables and salads as we can. No more preservatives, no more processed food, no more wheat, sugar and no more legumes.Some sun each day and some exercise, too. We eat when we're hungry and don't stick with the breakfast, lunch and dinner thing. We eat when our bodies let us know 'hey - we need some calories here!'. Today my first meal was just after 12 midday and it was a warm salad with marinated lamp chops. Delicious. It's like your own private BBQ every day...

I am truly thankful for the food we can get and eat. I would prefer to be vegetarian, though - but when I went vege for six months I got very sick. So meat it is for me.

So - this is my good thing. Food for today - my body is very thankful for it, too!


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