Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Year of Good Things - 2/366 - Twinkling Lights

I love a twinkling light - yep, I sure do. It takes me back to my childhood Christmas' in Thornbury in Melbourne, Victoria. I loved those Christmas tree lights - I could spend what I thought to be hours (which is probably seconds in parent time) admiring their beauty and spirited twinkling. I loved waiting for Santa to arrive and I vividly remember being marched off to bed 'as Santa won't come unless you're asleep', only to realise it was pure daylight and I had a long night ahead of me. I have made going to bed a kind of ritual of late, making myself go much earlier than normal to just enjoy the Summer evenings, lay there to appreciate the dusk and birds chirping and also have enough time to read before ebbing into my sleep. And I have put some twinkling lights on my bedside table to say goodbye to the day with me...


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